Shiv Kandel
Narayani, Central Development Region, NP

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Shiv is management enthusiastic highly interested in collective leadership, brand establishment, international collaboration and sustainability of the innovative business model.

Narayani, Central Development Region, NP
Joined March 26, 2020

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On 21st Aashar, 2069 B.S Dr. Govinda KC kicked off a hunger strike for the first time. He is now on the 23rd day of his 19th hunger strike. ...

Sign a Petition - कोभिड-१९, कोरोना भाइरस महामारीले विकराल रूप लिँदै गर्दा सरकारका कदमहरू अपर्याप्त भएकाले सरकारको ध्यानाकर्षणका निम्ति ‘इनफ इज इनफ’ अभियान अन्तर्गत अभियन्ता द्वय ई: र पुकार बमले ...

Sign a Petition - Sandip Chettri, who is a well-established comedian in Nepal, has been running the show, “What the Flop?” on Kantipur Television. He uses mimicry as a tool ...

Click to join the Petitition. As of May 2017, there are more than 56,286 registered websites in Nepal, including 40,000 commercial websites. Many businesses and organizations leverage digital marketing to ...